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Prof. Jagabandhu De, Department of Mathematics

Dr.Jagabandhu De
math-jagabandhu de Dr.Jagabandhu De
Professor and Head,  Mathematics

  • Ph.D. (Sc.) from Calcutta University
    Title of the Ph.D. (Sc.) Thesis : On some two dimensional crack and punch problems of mathematical theory of elasticity.
  • M.Sc.(Applied Mathematics) from Calcutta University.
  • B.Sc. ( Honours in Mathematics) from Calcutta University


Contact Addresses
Residence Flat No. G-2, KALPATARU , 50/A College Road, P.O. Botanic Garden,
Howrah-3 , West Bengal, India
Phone (office) +91 - 33 - 26684561/62/63 (extension- 219, 532)
Mobile +91 -
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Research Areas
  • Fracture Mechanics


Recent Publications
  • Edge Crack in Orthotropic Elastic Half-plane. Indian J. Pure Appl. Math. Vol. 20, pp.923-930,1989
  • Moving Griffith Crack in an Orthotropic Strip. International Journal of Engineering Science(USA). Vol. 28(8), pp.809-819,1990
  • A Note on running Penny-shaped Crack in an infinite transversely isotropic elastic solid under torsion. Rev. Roum. Sci. Techn. Mec. Appl. (Romania). Vol. 36, pp.129-133,1991
  • Cruciform Crack in an Orthotropic elastic plane. International Journal of Fracture (USA). Vol.53, pp. 387-397, 1992.
  • Thermoelastic problem of an Orthotropic elastic plane containing a Cruciform Crack. International Journal of Engineering Science (USA). Vol. 30, pp.1041-1048,1992
  • Elastodynamic Crack problems in an Orthotropic medium through complex variable approach. Engineering Fracture Mechanics(USA). Vol. 43, pp.895-909,1992
  • Propagation of two collinear Griffith Cracks in an Orthotropic strip. Engineering Fracture Mechanics(USA). Vol. 46, pp.835-842,1993
  • Dynamic Punch problems in an Orthotropic elastic half-plane. Indian J. Pure Appl. Math. Vol. 25, pp.767-776,1994
  • A note on edge crack in orthotropic elastic half-plane with rigid boundary. Journal of Technology.Vol.33,pp.33-40,1994
  • Note on dynamic punch problem in orthotropic elastic layer. Journal of Technology.Vol.33,pp.47-51,1994
  • External crack in an orthotropic elastic medium. Journal of Technology.Vol.xxxx,pp.9-16,2008

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