Sat, Jan 29, 2022

Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics Department

Prior to 2010, this department was known as Department of Applied Mechanics, offering subjects like engineering mechanics, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, hydraulics, fluid power and control to the undergraduate students of various disciplines. The department was also running a two-year Post-graduate Programme in the field of Engineering Mechanics. The curriculum included theoretical courses on solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, hydraulics, fluid control, advance dynamics, stability problems, finite element etc and a thesis preparation on a suitable topic in a particular field of specialization. The department also offered a post-graduate programme in the field of biomechanics, all these leading to a Masters Degree in Engineering Mechanics.

Since 2010, the department has started a 4-year Bachelors Degree Programme in the field of Aerospace Engineering. This University is the second institution after IIT, Kharagpur to offer such a course in this field.

Aerospace activities are now essentially included in the development programme of any advancing country and there is a need to build up requisite technological knowledge and expertise in this area to serve the manufacturing industries to build medium size aircrafts indigenously and also to help the maintenance sector for necessary sustenance.