The Department of Chemistry has its origin from the starting of the college. With passage of years, and following the growth of the college, the department has expanded manifold in recent years.

The Department, besides engaging itself in undergraduate teaching has a heritage of conducting research in various fields. A well-known Physical Chemist, was the Head of the Department of Chemistry & Metallurgy and the first Vice-Principal (Academic) of the College. Under his direct supervision and through his encouragement, faculty members and several research students made significant contributions in soil chemistry, corrosion, chemical exploration of medicinal plants and away of coal and petroleum products. At present, the faculty members are engaged in research in the following fields:

  • Molecular Recognition, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry
  • Solid state Chemistry
  • Coordination Chemistry & Bio-inorganic Chemistry
  • Biophysical Chemistry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Electrochemistry
  • Thin film solar cells
  • Theoretical Chemistry

Recently, with direct central assistance from MHRD, one sophisticated UV-VIS Spectrophotometer has been purchased, installed and put to use. Financed by state Government grants and Atomic Absorption Spectrometer has also been installed. Besides these, several electrochemical instruments, a Vacuum Coating Unit etc. have been newly installed in the department. Works on a number of research projects sponsored by UGC, CSIR, DRDO and AICTE are being carried out in the department. Ten full time and several part time research fellows are working for their Ph.D. degrees of this university. The department also offers M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry (4- semester course) from February, 2001.

There are different Laboratories in this department :

  1. ElectroChemistry, Nonconventional Energy and Corrosin Science Lab
  2. Thin Flim Semiconductor Lab
  3. Bio-Inorganic Chemistry Lab
  4. Synthetic Organic Chemistry Lab.
  5. Molecular Recognisition and Natural Product Chemistry Lab.
  6. Theoretical Chemistry Lab.