The University library has the distinction of being one of the oldest and the largest resourceful technical library in the south east Asia. The total area of the library is around 3,000 square meter and it is open from 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. The library not only caters to the basic information needs of faculty members, research scholars and students of this University but also provides information services to research workers of neighbouring universities and research institutes in the state.

The Library scenario is fast changing due to technological advances of the last two decades. With the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) there has been radical change in the dimension of library and information services. For effective utilization of resources and resource sharing, libraries are now computerized and integrated into local, regional, national and international networks. Libraries, particularly scientific and technological libraries are now moving towards electronic and digital libraries. For collection development libraries now include not only paper versions, but also electronic versions, CD-ROMs, multimedia and online products. In University environment of our country today, modern scientifically arranged poly-media library having rich collection of documents, electronic resources and access to other libraries through networks is an essential necessity to make the users aware about the latest developments and trend of research in different discipline.

The library has taken up steps to computerize the library housekeeping operations. It has procured necessary hardware and integrated library management software LIBSYS-4 with WebOPAC. The preparation of database related to retrospective conversion of the library collection for books has already been completed and now charging and discharging of books are done using this software. The library is providing online search facilities (OPAC) through eight nodes out of which four are dedicated for the users. The library is connected with the networking facilities (LAN) of the University and providing Internet browsing facilities to the users of the library. Its networking facilities have enabled the library staff to provide efficient and speedy service to its users. The present collection of books is about 1.3 lakhs and 40,000 bound volumes of journals, besides it has a huge collection of non-book materials, such as patents, standards, technical reports and pamphlets. It has also many rare publications of the 19th century. The Library subscribes nine subject collections of Elsevier’s Science Direct. The Library is a member of Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Science and Technology (INDEST) consortium and INFLIBNET Digital Library Consortium and providing access to the following online electronic resources to its users.

Online Full-Text Electronic Resources

  1. Science Direct
    Nine subject collections - Business, Management and Accounting; Chemistry; Computer Science; Earth and Planetary Sciences; Economics; Econometrics and Finance; Engineering; Physics and Astronomy; Materials Science; and Mathematics (Multi-users license)
  2. IEEE / IEE Electronic Library (IEL. Online)
    Consisting of 118 peer-reviewed IEEE journals, Magazines and transactions, 38 IEE journals, nearly 900 IEEE technology standards and all IEEE & IEE conference proceedings. (singal user license)
  3. American Society of Civil Engineers ( ASCE) Journals
    Consisting of 30 Civil Engineering journals published by ASCE. (Mult-users license)
  4. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Journals
    Consisting of 18 Mechanical Engineering journals and transactions published by ASME(Mult-users license).
  5. JSTOR
    (Multi-users license)
  6. Economic and Political Weekly
    (Multi-users license)