Mon, Apr 12, 2021

Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics Department

The Department of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics takes up Consultancy Projects with agencies like Government of West Bengal, Municipal and Urban Development Agencies, etc. A representative snapshot of such activities is given in the following table.

Type of Interaction Agency(s) interacted with
Computer Aided Reservoir Simulation Study I & W Dept., Govt. of West Bengal
Simulation Study of Kandi Flood Protection Scheme I & W Dept., Govt. of West Bengal
Study to find out reasons for inundation of the Kansbhal factories and recommendation for safety measures Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
Model study of pump sump flow analysis C.M.D.A., Calcutta
Workshop on River Hydraulics River Research Institute,Govt. of West Bengal.
Stress Analysis of Moulds for Refractory Bricks Industrial Repose, Howrah.
24th National Conference on Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power Worthington Pumps Ltd.
Symposium on Biomechanics & Biomaterials Indian Orthopaedic Association and CGCRI
Symposium on Shoulder Biomechanics & Total Arthroplasty West Bengal Orthopaedic Association
Finite Element Analysis of Stacker Reclaimer Larsen & Toubro Ltd.