Wed, May 25, 2022

mining pkpaul

The school of Management Sciences was started with the conviction that IIEST (Formerly known as BESU) has the potential to achieve excellence in management education and can impart high quality professional training, to the students to become business leaders of the twenty first century. The School aims to facilitate the development of practitioners who are able to improve upon their own management practices as they develop both their careers and the organizations in which they work. Our goal is to equip the students with a range of relevant theories, techniques and concepts. We guide them as they unpick these concepts, challenge them and question their relevance to contemporary society, and use this knowledge in practice. Besides strong academic business fundamentals, our intensive two-year program is designed to constantly push our MBAs beyond their comfort zone, developing their skills at setting strategies and leading others in execution. In addition to this we try to develop our students as a responsible citizens and highly evolved members of society who will be having willingness to give back to society more than they receive.


Prabir Kr. Paul