Wed, May 25, 2022


1. Central Library
2. Sub-Library
3. British Council Library (BCL) - through Institutional Membership
4. American Information Resource Centre – through Institutional Membership

1. CENTRAL LIBRARY * Over 2,00,000 titles, including 4,000 titles on Management.
* 5,000 Indian and International Journals.
* 10 news dailies subscribed to.
* Photocopying Facilities.
* CD-ROM reader and Printing Facilities.
* Totally Computerized Cataloguing.
* LAN and Internet facilities, multimedia and online products.
* Audio - Visual Unit Facilities.
* Area 20,000 sq. feet.


The Sub-Library of SOMS is equipped with5000 books & Journals. Each student is provided with 2 library cards & books are issued for 15 days. They are also provided with two business journal for a week.


20 books & journals may be available at a time from BCL.


30 books & journals may be available at a time from this centre.



* Updated central computer centre.
* 40 IBM Pentium III Terminals.
* 10 IBM Pentium IV Terminals.
* Internet with Broadband Connectivity.
* Windows and Linux Platforms.
* Telnet based network facilities.
* Updated statistical and MIS Software Packages.


4th, 6th and 7th floors of newly constructed 8 storied building presently known as Science & Technology Complex are dedicated to SOMS’s students, staff and faculty members with spacious classrooms and galleries having modern teaching facilities.

Faculty members at SOMS have been provided with laptops with the state of the art technology having wireless connectivity for knowledge generation through research and knowledge dissemination through teaching & training.


To equip with a value-adding competitive advantage of perfect communicative skills, both while judged individually or in a team, students can optimally utilize state-of-the-art Communication Laboratory at par with global benchmarks.


A full fledged department of the University, headed by a Professor-in-charge of Students Activities (PICSA) encourages and enables the students to participate in Games, Sports and various cultural activities and offers, inter-alia, the following facilities:

• Institute hall with a capacity to accommodate 400 people at a time, complete with state of the art sound system, stage, and lighting arrangement.

• Athletic Club which houses a well equipped Gymnasium, and also has the infrastructure for Lawn tennis, Badminton, Basket ball, Boxing, Table Tennis, Swimming.

• University has beautifully maintained grounds called The “Oval” and The “Lords” which host cricket and football matches regularly.

• Students’ Canteen. It serves hygienic foods.

• A multi-purpose building, serving as a badminton court as well as a stadium.

• School encourages students to participate in interuniversity fests, Management games, quizzes and other cultural programs.


Well constructed Computer Laboratory with 24 hours internet lines. Modern and versatile Communication Laboratory.
Students Activity Centre (PICSA- Professors in-charge of Students Activities), play ground (lord and oval), (sports- lawn tennis, badminton, basket ball, boxing, table tennis and swimming.), (facility of Institutional Hall), (Canteen), (Several types of games, quiz, competition, fest etc).