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                                                                                      OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR
                                                  INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, SHIBPUR
                                                   (FORMERLY BENGAL ENGINEERING & SCIENCE UNIVERSITY, SHIBPUR)
                                                                                           HOWRAH – 711 103

                            Sub : Computation of Income Tax for the Previous Year 2014-2015 relating to the Assessment Year 2015-2016.

All Head of the Departments
IIEST, Shibpur
Howrah - 711 103.


Enclosed please find herewith the proforma for calculation of Income Tax for the financial year 2014-2015. All Heads of the Departments are requested to kindly circulate it among all Faculty Members, Teachers and Other Staff Members under their control to fill up the enclosed downloadable Form the website and submit the same to the Accounts Section latest by the 5th February, 2015, otherwise it will be very difficult to check and verify the statement to be submitted by the employee and deduct the balance tax payable from the salary of January’15 and February’15.

It may please be noted that U/S 192 of Income Tax Act -1961 any person (i.e. the D.D.O) is responsible for depositing any Income chargeable under Head “Salary” income tax on the estimated income of the assessee under the head “Salaries” for the financial year 2014-15. Income Tax is to be calculated and deducted at the rates prescribed for the financial year in which the payment to employee is made.

If no income tax statement is received within the scheduled date as stated in the Para –I above the income tax of the concerned employee will be calculated and deducted taking into account the savings reflected in the pay bill only.

    1. All faculty members, Officers and Staff are requested to submit the proof of savings latest by 1st week of April’2015 so as to enable Accounts Section for early issuance of Form No. 16.
  1. Proposed Income Tax deduction and any change in GPF contribution for the financial year 2015-2016 may also please be intimated to the Accountant section latest by 25th February, 2015
  2. All Faculty members & Staff members are requested to verify his/her PAN NO as mentioned in the Pay Slip. If any discrepancy is found, please bring it to the notice of the A.O. for correction.
  3. Tax Statement will be available in IIEST Website (Download the Form [DOC File]) ( Download the Form [PDF File])
  4. Cooperation is solicited from all concerned.

 ( S.N. DATTA )    
Finance Officer(Actg)



Download the Caution Withdrawal Form [PDF File]


For all Cash Deposits at UBI, BESUS Br in "B.E. College General Fund Account" (Account No : 0171050031501)

Cash may be deposited to the above account for the following purposes :

  • 1. Payment of Quarter Electric Charges 2. Hostel Seat Rent 3. Booking charges of Institute Hall 4. Institute Hand Book purchase 5. Guest House charges 6. Any other purpose (to be specified elaborately in the Cash Deposit Challan as available on the website)
  • After depositing the cash, one copy of the Cash Deposit Challan (as marked for Cash Section) must be submitted along with the necessary order for such cash deposit (if any) to the Institute Cash Section for timely record and necessary adjustment of the same.

Download the Challan Form of Bank