Sun, May 22, 2022

Department of Geology

Paleontology Laboratory

Faculty : Tapas Kumar Gangopadhyay

Research Activities On:

  • Study of Coilopoceratis ammonites not yet internationally recognized.
  • Study of new form of placenticeratid ammonites from eastern Bagh beds and its bearing on Placenticeratid evolution.
  • Study of echinoids, especially hemiacterid echinoids from eastern Bagh beds.
  • Study of inoceramids of eastern Bagh beds and their palaeoecological aspect.
  • Erection of a proper biostratigraphic column on the basis of the studied macroinvertebrate of the eastern Bagh beds.

Sedimentology Laboratory

Faculty : Dr. Bhabani Prasad Mukhopadhyay and Dr.Ananya Biswas.

Research Activities On:

Sedimentological study of some of the Indian Proterozoic basins :

Delhi basin (Alwar subbasin), Cuddapah Supergroup, the Chattisgarh basin with special emphasis on aeolin-, fluvial- and deep-marine sedimentation and controls of tectonism on patterns of sedimentation.

  • Study of facies analysis and basin evolution of the Proterozoic mobile belt of Singhbhum.
  • Field study with respect to sedimentological aspect of the Proterozoic rocks of northeastern part of western Indian shield, Alwar district, Rajasthan.
  • Sedimentation modeling and basin evolution of the Chandarpur- and Singhora Group, Chattisgarh Supergroup.
  • Facies analysis of the Proterozoic Nallamalai Deep-water turbidities and volcaniclastics from the Nallamalai Group, Cuddapah Supergroup.
  • Sedimentation modeling and paleogeography of the Paleogene and Neogene strata of the Assam-Arakan Orogen, Northeastern India.
  • Facies analysis of the Proterozoic Gulcheru fluvial- to shallow-marine strata, deep-water turbidites and volcaniclastics from the Nallamalai Group and the fluvial to shallow-marine to aeolian deposits of the Srisailam Formation of the Cuddapah Supergroup.


Study of the Archaean greenstone belt from South Indian craton :

  • Facies analysis of the submarine pyroclastic rocks from the Chitradurga greenstone belt, Karnataka, India.

Study of the processes related torecent fluvial sedimentation :

  • Study of the dynamics of the Teesta river of Sikkim Himalayas, Sikkim, Northeastern India.