Sun, May 22, 2022

The vision of the centre is to introduce, practice and expand a sensible comprehensive strategy of green technology (including green energy and sensor systems) education and research through different phases to improve lifestyle in environmentally friendly and non-polluting ways. Ensuring sustainable construction and promoting green building practices are an essential component of our green vision which prompts us to support innovation in green building materials and systems technology. Our vision also recognizes incubation of next generation green technologies through partnerships with academic institutions and the industries

In conformity with our vision, the centre will take up the following missions:--

  1. To promote renewable energy in general and solar Energy in particular.
  2. To conduct cutting-edge research as a frontline R&D incubator through a multi-disciplinary approach in the field of renewable energy and sensor systems.
  3. To contribute to the development of highly qualified and innovative personnel through specialized training and knowledge build-up in areas of renewable energy and sensor systems.
  4. To strategize the industry interactive research and collaborative activities and lead by innovation in the field of green technology with the aim of transmission of the research/innovation output into the industrial domain rendering green energy affordable, competitive and reliable as an energy alternative.
  5. To promote the vision of green technology and sensors among academic, industrial, and public sectors through preparation and dissemination of multimedia materials in the field.