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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

The department teaches both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Some of the undergraduate courses are compulsory for all branches of Engineering and Architecture, and others (offered in the 8th semester) are optional. The courses cover subjects like English, Economics, Accountancy, various aspects of Management, Values and Ethics and Human Development. The syllabi have been reconstituted to keep abreast with new developments in each of the subjects and streamlined in order to, on the one hand, suit the needs of Engineering students and on the other, give a comprehensive coverage. The post-graduate courses are either for the MCA or the MBA programs of the university.

Undergraduate – Compulsory Courses

  1. Professional Communication in English (HU 1201)
  2. English for Engineers (HU 101A)
  3. Economics and Accounts (HU 5601)
  4. Principles of Management (HU 5602)
  5. Professional Values and Ethics (HU 7801)
  6. Values and Ethics (HU-501A)

Undergraduate – Elective Courses

  1. Business English (HU 801)
  2. Environmental Management (HU 802)
  3. Marketing Management (HU 803)
  4. Financial Management (HU 804)
  5. Human Development (HU 805)

PG Courses

  • Managerial Economics (HU/MCA/104)
  • Sociology of Information and Communication Technology (HU/MCA/204)
  • Corporate Planning (HU/MCA/503)
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