Tue, May 24, 2022

The Centre for Healthcare Science and Technology at IIEST, Shibpur has been introduced in year 2010 in erstwhile BESU with an objective to provide interdisciplinary research and training programs encompassing the fields of modern biology, medicine, engineering, physics, chemistry and mathematics etc. to solve important and persistent problems related to public health in the society. BESU Shibpur strived to integrate the knowledge base generated in these various fields of study and provide a cross discipline platform for indigenous innovation in the medical sector.

Interestingly, medical technology is a highly innovation driven sector witnessing continuous evolution. At the same time, their human application and marketing is preceded by intensive regulatory scrutiny. Thus the bench to bedside process is highly volatile and time consuming. Presently, extensive global research in the area depict inclination towards a systems approach to understand human physiology under normal and disease conditions, robotizing surgical procedures, miniaturizing devices for non-invasive real time imaging of biochemical processes, creating intelligent systems for programmed delivery of drugs, genetic therapeutics, and harnessing the potential of stem cells for regenerative medicine. We at CHST, IIEST Shibpur embrace these global trends to evolve local solutions for the national healthcare system wherein exists an immediate and compelling desire for improvement in quality and efficiency.