Thu, May 19, 2022

Degree Programmes offered by the Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology offers the following academic programmes:

  • 4-year B.E. programme
  • 2-year M.E. programme
  • Ph.D. programme


The degree awarded is in "Information Technology" and has no specilaization as such.

Course Oriented Programs

B.E. programme: The B.E. program is a four-year course oriented undergraduate program. The course work is spread accross all the semesters. The courses include a set of core courses offered by the department, a set of departmental electives and some free electives. Apart from this, a student must complete three courses in his or her minor area. The minor area must be different from Information Technology. Besides, a student must also complete a project in the eighth semester towards the fulfillment of the degree requirements.

M.E. programme: The M.E. program is a two-year course oriented graduate program. The student has to take a set of core courses and a set of electives. The course work is spread accross the first two semesters with an option of taking one elective in the third semester. This is followed by a project in the third and fourth semester in which the student can take up a project of his or her interest, supervised by a faculty member.

Ph.D. programme: The PhD. programs are postgraduate research oriented programs. The scholar works in an area of his/her interest under the supervision of a faculty member. The scholar has to obtain a minimum number of credits by taking courses. The highlight of the program is the independent research work taken by scholar, leading to a dissertation at the end of the program. The average duration of a PhD. program is between four to five years.