Wed, May 25, 2022

Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Several UG students become actively involved in the pursuit of research from the Second year itself, spending the Summer Vacation in CSIR laboratories or in R& D of industries, being attached to specific research areas. A number of Third Year students also devote time in this kind of association with organized research.

As Project and Thesis is part of the academic curriculum of the Department, each student carry out a specific Project, based on experimental work, involving the use of sophisticated instruments. Many of them are attached to Research scholars of ongoing Research activities of the Department. As a result, quality of UG Theses is high and the students are trained in pursuing research, particularly in areas where already Ph.D work is going on. Similarly, PG students are also attached to ongoing PhD or Sponsored research projects to get exposure to advanced techniques and benefit from the pursuit of goal-oriented research.

It is worth mentioning that the current topics of PhD research embrace a wide horizon of subjects of topical interest: ironmaking, processing of nano and composite materials, micro-alloyed steels, material degradation, cryogenic tool steels etc. ]

Awards and achievement of students

  • IIM Vidyabharti award
: 2
  • Inter university excellance award
: 2
  • IIM Young Scientist award
: 5
  • DAAD Scholarship, Germany
: 2
  • GATE Rank (Stood among top 5)
: 2
  • MRSI Young Scientist award
: 1
  • ISCA Young Scientist award
: 1