Wed, May 25, 2022

Innovations through integration.

  • To produce quality engineers who will have the capability for integrated product development , with due consideration of safety, health and related issues involving mechanical, electrical, electronics and information technology coupled with total quality consciousness to meet the challenges posed by the ever-growing field of automation.
  • To identify and to use the particular blend of technologies which will provide the most economic, elegant and appropriate solution to the problem in the areas of safety and occupational health, in hand.
  • To provide value based education in Engineering and Technology in the field of safety and occupational health
  • To inculcate dedication, hard work, sincerity, integrity, and ethics in building up the overall professional personality in students;
  • To breed an inquisitive and creative research culture to help in the development of new knowledge and up gradation of existing knowledge using Information and Management Technologies; and
  • Hence to empower them with current knowledge and ethics to meet the requirements of the    Nation in an evolving knowledge based competitive world.
  • School of Safety and Occupational Health Engineering will be a commendable Centre in the University with enterprising students. It will have excellent infrastructure and dedicated team of staff to cater the needs of the student community. The laboratories and library will be intensively equipped and constantly refined to cope up with latest advances in technology.