Wed, May 18, 2022 IIEST-GMP/CIR/001

Dated: 30th June, 2015


A Committee Meeting of the Tailor-made Group Mediclaim Policy of National Insurance Company Ltd. & Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. was held on 19th May (Friday), 2015 at 5 p.m. in the Room no.255 old building 1st Floor. The Committee members were discussed in different aspect of the present two policies, unsettled claims and future course of action. It was resolved that the both policies will be continued for next session 2015-16.

The Tailor-made Group Mediclaim scheme covering the teachers, officers and employees and their family members of the IIEST, Shibpur is going to complete its 9th year. Presently 145 primary members including their family members near about 570 have already enrolled in this scheme (National Insurance Co. Ltd.) and 108 primary members including their family have in Oriental Insurance Co. respectively. On completion of the 9th year on 19.07.2015 the policy of National Insurance Co. and few years of Oriental Insurance Co., the membership is to be renewed for both the Insurances. The members of the Policy holders are requested either to fill up the renewal form or by giving their consent for withdrawal from their policy by 3rd July, 2015, otherwise it will be assumed that his/her policy will remain unchanged and automatically be renewed. For the case of renewal, members can increase or decrease his/her sum insured for the coming year indicating inclusion or deletion of the name of members from his/her group size. Those who want to join the scheme afresh are also requested to collect the Application Form for the above scheme from the Office of Dean Academic (Student section) 1st Floor of the Old Building. For new entrant in the Tailor made Group policy they are exempted from pre-existing diseases as mentioned in the standard policy condition rules guided by IRDA.

Here is an announcement regarding the renewal premium of Tailor-made Group Mediclaim Policy of National Insurance Co. Ltd. that, the committee members resolves and agreed to pay the extra amount other than the premium when they received the claim only. The extra amount will be adjusted with the next renewal premium amount for one year only. This is a Group Policy so members are sharing their contribution as it is treated as the value of premium. This practice is continuing from the beginning of the policy by the consent of the members at the general meeting

The annual premium of this scheme is qualifying for deduction under section 80D of the Income tax Act.

This is a short time announcement for renewal the Medi-claim Policy, members are requested to co-operate with the Committee

(Gautam Biswas)
Medi-claim Committee, IIEST
(National Insurance Co.Ltd. & Oriental Insurance Co.Ltd.)