Mon, Apr 12, 2021

Change of Departments on the basis of the results of 1st Year: 2015-16

With the publication of the results of the 2nd semester and completion of 1st year of the students who were admitted in July, 2014 we invite application (application form) for the change of their parent department.

The following are the salient points of this scheme.

  •  Applicable to top 20% ** students of all UG disciplines except Architecture with the following:
  •  Has no record of supplementary/fail/Re-admission etc.
  •  Not involved in events leading to disciplinary action.
  •  No pending dues
  •  Restricted to 5% of the total seats in any discipline
  •  Reduction in the number of students will not be more than 10% in any case for any department.
  •  ** Top 20% calculation is done on the base value of the approved seats in each department (see the table below).

• Allocation logic is based on the preference on choice of the department, CGPA, restriction on reduction of the number of students in a particular department. To break the tie on same CGPA the marks of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are used, in that order

Students are invited to submit their choice, excluding his/her parent department, to a maximum possible of 8 other departments, in order of preference.

 use this link to see the student who are eligible to apply

Willingness to participate must be made in writing using the following form and submitted the duly filled-in signed form to the office of the undersigned on 10 July 2015 within 5 PM .Result will be published in the website on 11 July 2015


Amit Kumar Das
Dean (Ac.)