Wed, May 25, 2022

Objective and Scope of the Course

The university functions as research-intensive university of which the prime areas of activity are:

  • Creation of knowledge
  • Dissemination of knowledge
  • In an environment of research which ensures that teaching and learning are conditioned by the latest research, the nation is endowed with skilled manpower of the highest quality.

The above are being achieved with the help of qualified and motivated faculties, highly motivated students and the state of the art laboratory.

The M.Tech in Safety and Occupational Health Engineering is a three-year degree program whose objective is to create correctly trained manpower in the field. The demand is increasing day by day with tremendous growth and convergence in multidisciplinary knowledge. The academia and the industry need independent thinkers and versatile team workers in Safety and Occupational Health Engineering to lead the development of the vastly expanding field towards reducing the problems of the society.