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Title of the Project PI Sponsoring agency Value in Rs. Lakh Duration
Nanostructured Immunosensor Array for Rapid, Portable and Sensitive Food Toxin Detection Chirasree RoyChaudhuri DST, SERB182013-16 18 2013-16
Efficacy of silicon microchannel cytosensor platform for electrical profiling of multiple mammalian cells Chirasree RoyChaudhuri DST, SERB 54.6 2012-15
Establishment of MEMS Design Center under National Program on Micro and Smart Systems(NPMASS) Chirasree RoyChaudhuri ADA 17 2009-14
Integrated Sensor System for Elderly Health Monitoring Chirasree RoyChaudhuri DST, IDP 24 2010-12
Feasibility of a low cost and portable pathogenic bacteria detector using porous silicon microelectrode array Chirasree RoyChaudhuri DST, IDP 22 2008-11
Development of Metal-Insulator-Metal based Volatile Organic Compound Sensor for Monitoring of Ripeness of Orange Partha Bhattacharyya INSA 15 2013-16
A novel Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) device for detection of early spoilage of potato during Storage Partha Bhattacharyya DST 14.5 2012-14
Development of a Chemical Sensor to Monitor the Spoilage of Potato in the Cold Storage Partha Bhattacharyya  CSIR  14  2011-14
Current mode FPAA Design Baidya Nath Roy SERC-DST 29.33 2010-14
CMOS VLSI Design Baidya Nath Roy SERC-DST 16 2011-14
Studies on Retro-directive –Array For Space Applications S.R. Bhadra Chaudhuri ISRO 17.46 2013-15
Design and Development Of Substrate Integrated Wave-guide (SIW) based RF circuits and compo-nents Using Meta- materials in Ku-band Application Susanta Kumar Parui DST-SERC 31 2011-15
Development of Microstrip Phased Array Antenna System for Eliminating Scan Blindness by Using Defected Ground Structures Susanta Kumar Parui CSIR 20 2012-15
Design and Development of Compact and Wideband Microstrip Filters Using Electromagnetic Bandgap Technology Santanu Das CSIR 17 2010-13
Design and development of printed antennas on paper substrates for RFID applications Dr. Santanu Das AICTE 15 2013-16