Wed, May 25, 2022

Industrial consultancy

  1. Development of Power Controller for Induction Heating for Naskar & Co
  2. Development of 160 Kgf brushless DC motor driven actuator for Webel Tools India Ltd
  3. Design and Development of 250 KW IGBT based three phase chopper for Webel Mediatronics
  4. Electrotherm (India) Ltd. funded project on Design and development of a 500W, 36 V, 300 RPM Hub S R Motor, and 650 watts, 48 volts, 750 RPM conventional SRM for scooter and auto-rickshaw drive
  5. M/S Netware
  6. Haldia Development Authority

Existing laboratories in the department

  1. Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  2. Electrical Machine Laboratory
  3. Power System Laboratory
  4. Drives Laboratory
  5. Power Electronics Laboratory
  6. Process Control and Instrumentation Laboratory
  7. Microprocessor Laboratory
  8. Measurement Laboratory
  9. Control System Laboratory
  10. Solid State Circuits Laboratory
  11. Senior Simulation Laboratory
  12. Junior Simulation Laboratory
  13. Senior Machine Laboratory
  14. Industrial Electronics Research Laboratory
  15. Relay Laboratory
  16. Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  17. Condition Monitoring Laboratory
  18. Advanced Power Electronics Laboratory
  19. High Voltage Laboratory
  20. Smart Control Laboratory

Facilities available

  1. Internet availability at every terminal connected through a 512 Mbps LAN to a high-end server
  2. Linux-based student computers with software like Mathematica, ANSYS etc.
  3. High voltage measurement facilities
  4. Multiproduct multiprocess calibration facility
  5. State-of-the-art DSP and Microcontroller training
  6. Modern machines like Switched Reluctance machines, Brushless DC Machines along with controllers
  7. LAbVIEW based Real Time Control facility
  8. Magnetic Levitation System controlled by Simulink Real Time Workshop

Some Ongoing Projects

  1. The National Mission on Power Electronics Technology (NaMPET) Project Phase II, a mission programme launched by the DIT, MCIT, Govt. of India
  2. Design and development of computerized instrument for testing bending behavior of semi-rigid fabric with special reference to technical textiles
  3. Development of Nano-structured Transformer Oil nano-fluids for Improvement of Thermal and Insulating Properties
  4. Analysis and Development of a Single-Axis Controlled Repulsive-Type Magnetic Bearing
  5. Development of a sensor integrated multi-filgered dexterous robot hand with data glove interface
  6. Support Vector Machines ( SVM) Based Condition Monitoring of Induction Motor
  7. A Hybrid Wavelet –ANN approach in Transformer Protection.
  8. Development of a FPGA controller-based commutatorless motor drive with selectable hard or soft characteristics.
  9. Bifurcation in Electrical Drives.
  10. Computer-aided design and analysis for optimization of thermal conditions in rotating electrical machines.
  11. Spectral Identification of Potentised Homeopathic Medicines.

Projects completed in the last 5 years

  1. Participated in "Development and validation of SEQUEL and Real time model of various electric drives"
  2. Development of Piecewise on-line load flow algorithm and its implementation in distributed computing environment
  3. Investigation on the response of large Power Transformers to Grid Perturbations
  4. Modernization of Junior Simulation laboratory (MODROBS)
  5. Investigation on dynamic Voltage Collapse of Transmission System in developing countries and implementation of corrective measures
  6. Sensorless on-line condition monitoring of induction motors
  7. Implementation of robust control techniques through a DSP platform on a lab-scale real-time system
  8. Modelling and closed loop control of a reusable launch vehicle with six degrees of freedom
  9. A variable speed induction motor drive with a matrix converter as a static commutator in the rotor
  10. Computer-aided design and analysis of thermal conditions in rotating electrical machines
  11. National Mission on Power Electronics Technology (NAMPET) phase I
  12. Electrotherm R&D Project
  13. Condition Monitoring of Electrical Equipment in Power Plants


  1. One Indian patents has been filed (897/KOL/2014 dated 29.08.2014) entitled "A yarn Characterization Unit" in the names of IIEST, Shibpur and Indian Council of Agricultural Research with the Inventors as Dr. Anindita Sengupta, Mr. Subhasish Roy, Dr. Surajit Sengupta.
  2. One Indian patents has been filed (1118/KOL/2014 dated 01.11.2014) entitled "A system for testing dynamically bending behavior of semi rigid fabrics and a method of such testing" in the names of Indian Council of Agricultural Research and IIEST, Shibpur with the Inventors as Dr. Surajit Sengupta. Dr. Sanjay Debnath and Dr. Anindita Sengupta.