Industry Institute partnership Cell of IIEST with different Corporate Collaborators


Cognizant - BESU Innovation Laboratory

The Cognizant - BESU innovation Laboratory has been established during 2012-13 academic year. This Open Source Software (OSS) laboratory is an advanced state-of-the-art industry-university setup aimed at fostering a long-term relationship with Cognizant and BESU in the areas of training and research and development. It is agreed that both parties will actively engage themselves in the practical applications and implications OSS while other fundamental research and training activities will also be pursued


RustamDastur (CMD), M. N. Dastur& Co. Pvt. Ltd., signing the MOA with the Director Prof. Ajay K. Ray for research in Steel Technology

Consortium for Advanced Research Based on New Carbon (CARBON-C)

An initiative was taken to establish a major international collaboration in the area of carbon based materials and devices primarily involving US and Indian universities and research institutes. The idea is to actively intervene in the process of emergence and development of carbon as the next generation material that can potentially replace silicon.


Participants were from different Indian institutes (IITs, CSIR labs, NIFFT, SINP, and IIEST) including Prof. AmitabhaGhosh, Senior Scientist, INSA and former Director, IIT, Kharagpur, Professor Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray, Director, IIEST, Shibpur and Prof. Marc Madou, University of California, Irvine among others.

Technology Transfer for Commercialization

Subject specific customization of Hip Implant

Primary purpose of the research is to develop patient specific hip implant. It should be fully customized and particularly compatible to Indian subjects


Implants are designed and fabricated through various advanced machining processes. These implants are subject-specific as per the specific anatomical geometry and physiological pre-surgical condition of the bone (femur).


Radio Controlled Blimp

Radio Controlled Blimp is an aerial vehicle, a type of an airship without internal structure in which case the balloon envelope, when filled with lighter-than-air gas (such as helium or hydrogen) lifts the complete system in air. A control box called the gondola carrying drives and wireless electronic controller fitted underneath the envelope controls the movement of the complete system in air.


RC blimp had been tested and demonstrated in the campus of IIEST Shibpur in the month of May 2012. It can be used for local weather forecast, aerial forest security, remote aerial surveillance, disaster management, brand promotion, film shooting etc. Blimp of size 35ft, 40ft and 45ft length are being planned for larger payload capability with high endurance capability with customized specifications.

Underwater Lift Bag

A lift bag is an item of diving equipment consisting of a robust and air-tight bag with straps, which is used to life heavy objects underwater by means of the bag's buoyancy. The heavy object can be moved horizontally underwater by the diver or sent unaccompanied to the surface.


300 kg load was recovered from the pond near the IIEST campus as shown in the figure above. The load had slipped from the edge and plunged into the water, which was difficult to recover by the swimmers alone. A closed bottom lift bag which itself weight 12Kg was used, which just took maximum of 20mins to recover.

In the MCEME Hyderabad campus, a demonstration was carried out to understand the feasibility of the lift bag for the Indian armed forces. Military truck axels were put inside the fire fighting well, which were then floated and recovered by 2 quantities of 3 Ton closed bottom lift bags. The lift bags had weight of around 26kg.

Rear Projection Balloon

Projection balloons are image display balloon device made of light weight plastic fabric material, is inflated with air or helium gas, where it has at least one projector positioned with a projector case inside. The main change is the balloon shape which is being called the pearl shape designed by the team which has bit of cylindrical shape from the exact spherical shape due to which effects of the joints of the fabric is eliminated from the surface of the projection.


The projection balloon was used and demonstrated for the closing ceremony of the prestigious Kolkata International Film Festival 2013. It was used to display the gist of the activities conducted during the festival days to the visitors in the Science City Auditorium, Kolkata

Safe Home for Lone Elderly People


  • Monitoring the regular activities using sensor nodes (no camera included) at important locations.
  • Assessment of abnormal behavior by interpreting the information of the sensor nodes using an intelligent controller.
  • Communicating the message to the mobile phones of caretakers.
  • Power saving algorithms incorporated to minimize the energy consumption.

11   12     13


  • Non-invasive and does not use any camera
  • Sensor nodes are light weight, portable and easy to install
  • Low power consumption to avoid electrical loading
  • Automatic refreshing of memory after 16th day of installation for continuous use
  • Emergency situation is assessed and message sent to the caretaker through mobile phone.

The user does not have to keep track of the operation of the instrument. Health status of the sensor nodes and the central controller is checked at regular intervals and message sent to the maintenance person if required.


  • Packaged wireless sensor nodes to be fixed in the house
  • A central receiver to be fixed in the house
  • The sensor nodes can be removed when required
  • Connection of the central receiver through mobile network to the mobile of the caretaker/s


  • PIR motion sensors
  • Current Transformers
  • Central controller unit with LCD interface
  • ATMEGA 328 microcontroller
  • ZigBee wireless transmission, 2.4GHzSoftware
  • Behaviour prediction algorithm in central controller
  • Inactivity period prediction for each sensor nodes
  • Status checking algorithm in each sensor node

Energy saving for Bulk Customers


  • It will switch ON/OFF capacitor banks as per the VAR requirement of system (set by the user).
  • Displays instantaneous power factor and annunciates capacitors functioning in a healthy mode.
  • Protects capacitor banks from excessive voltage and unwanted harmonics.
  • It will annunciate the malfunctioning of specific banks.
  • It will alert the user in case of Maximum Demand and penalty p.f. is reached.
  • Communicates with a distant computer actins as a data logger (of p.f. of active capacitors, of actual VAR position of the system) and gives a printout of the measured parameters. This will improve the user-friendliness of the device.
  • It will tide over transitory VAR swings and take action only for persistent VAR requirements.
  • A Power Quality Index will be available to the user. This is important in connection with various power electronic drives being used.
  • It has a watchdog facility to detect any inherent vulnerability in the instrument.
  • Calculates change in KVAR of capacitor banks with change in voltage and frequency and selects them accordingly.


14Data Logging & Remote Monitoring System for PV Application

Data-logging & Remote monitoring of various electrical and others parameters is essential in Solar PV system, because it detects the fault anywhere in the system and diagnoses the problems causing the system working in inefficient way.


Gas Leak Hunter


  • To detect the leakage from LPG Cylinder and stove in Kitchen.
  • Low power signal conditioning unit and suitable packaging for different applications


  • Detects the leakage from LPG Cylinder in Kitchen
  • Portable (70mm X 135mm X 30mm)
  • 3V operation (2 Nos. of AA battery)
  • Low power consumption (60mW for circuit)
  • Fast response time (15 Sec)
  • Low battery indication
  • User friendly – Single button operation
  • Different colours of light indication depending on the gas concentration
  • Coded buzzer alarm
  • Light weight – 120gm (Without battery


16                                             17



  • Reliable prediction of Methane concentration in hazardous area
  • Reliable leak detector of LPG gas in kitchen

Investigations on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) for Different Renewable Energy Sources in the Power Range of 2-5 kVA (Distributed Generation System with Micro/Pico Grid Structure)


To develop a new technology for controlled operation of an energy conversion unit in the power range of 2-5 kVA and suitable for pico-hydel system in remote hilly region where there are sources of fast flowing mountain streams but no electricity as transmission of electricity from national grid is not possible due to the distance and remoteness of those places

18    19  20   21


Industry partner:

This PMSG is fully fabricated at the works of M/S G.E. Motors Pvt. Ltd. The proposed research aligns very closely with the M/S G.E. Motors Pvt. Ltd.'s vision of manufacturing permanent magnet synchronous machine (both motor and generators) indigenously.

Development of improved Heat Exchanger by Heat Transfer Enhancement

22               23

The setup in which the Heat Exchanger is being developed             The Heat Exchanger with enhanced Heattransfer

Solar Lantern

Electrical performance

Optical performance

  • Efficiency is about  85%
  • Standby current (after cutoff) is 1.5mA
  • Turn on LED voltage is  6.0V
  • Cut off voltage  is 5.4V
  • Cost is reduced by  20%
  • Circuit complexity is reduced
  • Efficiency is about  85%
  • Standby current (after cutoff) is 1.5mA
  • Turn on LED voltage is  6.0V
  • Cut off voltage  is 5.4V
  • Cost is reduced by  20%
  • Circuit complexity is reduced


             23        25                                            

                                          Solar Lantern                                                               External and Internal view of Charging Station 



  • Capable of measuring concentration of Methane / LPG gas
  • Low power signal conditioning unit and robust packaging for different applications




  • User friendly & easy to operate
  • Portable (70mm X 135mm X 30mm )
  • Low power consumption (60mW for signal conditioning unit )
  • Fast response time (15 Sec)
  • On board microcontroller programming facility
  • Extended probe to find out the leak in narrow area
  • A small FAN to remove the residual gas
  • 16 X 2 LCD screen to Display the gas concentration present in hazardous area
  • Three levels of LED indication (Green, Yellow &Red ) with buzzer depending on the concentration of gas (safe, moderate and danger)
  • Two pencil battery (1.5V X 2)

Sensors used:

  • MP-4 flat surfaced sensor made by WINSEN Electronics Technology, China
  • High Selectivity to Methane
  • Broad detection range (300 to 10000 PPM)
  • Power consumption 300mW



  • ATMEGA 8 µcontroller
  • DC-DC Boost Converter




Solar Tree installed in New Town, Kolkata by Centre of Excellence for Green Energy and Sensor Systems, IIEST, Shibpur