Wed, May 18, 2022



Healthcare related Extra-mural sponsored Projects at CHST/Associated Departments: -
Sl. No. Title of the Project
Funding Agency
Running in Dept/Center
1 Development of Smart Prognostic System for Early Indication of Cardiac Problem of a Patient Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray DST-IDP CHST
2 Enzymatic approach to control celiac disease leading to an alternative treatment strategy Dr A. K. Mahapatra CO-PIs: Dr. C. Das Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Jayati Bhowal DBT Chemistry
3 Fabrication of Bio-degradable Honey Based Scaffold for Ex-Vivo Expansion and Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Dr. Ananya Barui DST (Fast Track) CHST
4 Biofabrication of Bioactive Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration. Dr. Pallab Datta DST (Inspire) CHST
5 Computed Aided Design, Analysis and Development of Patient Specific Prosthesis for Different Human Joints, Specifically Hip Joint on Indian Perspective. Dr. Amit Roy Chowdhury DBT AE&AM
6 Efficacy of Silicon Microchannel Cytosensor Platform for Electrical Profiling of Multiple Mammalian Cells Under Intervention Towards Diagnostic and Regenerative Applications. Dr. Chirasree Roy Chaudhuri SERB, DST ETC
7 Ergonomic analysis of job heaviness and development of musculoskeletal disorders for selective underground coal miners in India Dr. Netai Chandra Dey SERB, DST Mining
8 Multiple wireless sensor system for monitoring health status of elderly people- Prototype Development and field testing Dr. Chirasree Roy Chaudhuri DST, SEED ETC
9 Nanostructured Immunosensor Array for Rapid, Portable and Sensitive Food Toxin Detection Dr. Chirasree Roy Chaudhuri DST Women Excellence Award ETC
10 Development of Bone condition monitoring technique using Ultrasonographic sensor. Dr. Amit Roy Chowdhury DST SERB AE&AM
11 Design and development of patient specific dental implant. Dr. Amit Roy Chowdhury UGC AE&AM