Wed, May 25, 2022

Computer Science & Technology

Computer Science and Technology Department likes to maintain a comprehensive database of its students. Normally one student from each batch (BE/ME/MCA) is assigned with the job of maintaining the list of his/her batch-mates. He/she is given full authority of that batch. After a particular batch passes out, the whole batch is associated with the alumni section of the departmental page. We prefer that the concerned student will continue maintaining the same.

Students are requested to ensure that their information are up-to-date. They may contact the person who is maintaining the list for their batch (may use the mail icon in the footer part of the concerned pages).

Please, click here to know about the students' details :

  1. BE (2003 Entrant Batch)
  2. BE (2004 Entrant Batch)
  3. BE (2005 Entrant Batch)
  4. ME (2004 Entrant Batch)
  5. ME (2005 Entrant Batch)
  6. ME (2006 Entrant Batch)
  7. MCA (2004 Entrant Batch)
  8. MCA (2005 Entrant Batch)