Wed, May 25, 2022

Second Semester


Types of Cranes, Lifting Machinery, Tackles, their Testing and Periodic Examination (IS), Tackles / Designs, Charts for Use, Checklist for Daily / Periodic Examinations, Record Maintenance, Statutory Records.

Manual Handling
Standards / ILO Convention, Postures, Transportation of Material, Size, Mode of Transport, Loading, Unloading, Training of Personnel, Handling Aids and their Maintenance, Application of Ergonomic Principles in handling.

Fork Lifts
Fork Lifts and other equipment like tractors, battery operated equipment, etc., Periodic Tests and Examination, Checklist for Daily Operations.
Medical Examinations for all the above.                                 
Pressure Plant / Pressure Vessel
Design and Code of Practice – IS 2825-1969, Requirements of Periodic Tests and examination and procedure for alternative tests inclusive of safety valves, etc.
Pipelines (Gas, Air, Flammable, Water, Steam and Corrosives) – Their Testing and Examination.
Conveyor and Hoists
Testing and Examination and its Records
Thermic Fluid / Heat Exchangers
Testing and Examination and its Records
Storage Tanks
Types of Tanks including Floating Roof, their testing, examination and records.
Instrumentation / Accessories
Calibration of Instruments like gauges, etc., testing of accessories like safety valves, discs, etc., and ruptures.


Safety in the Use of Electricity, Isolators, Overload Trips, Lock out and tag out procedures, Capacitor Banks, Static Electricity Sources, Earthing and Bonding, Earth Rings, Transformer Earthing, Earthing of Lightening Arrestors, Periodic Inspection and Records, Types of Alarms, Emergency Lamps Vis-à-vis area of operation. 
Arc Welding – Electrical Welding, Current Transformers, Earthing, Quality of Electrodes, Shields of Electrodes, Conductivity.
Gas Welding – Precautions in the Storage and Handling of Cylinders, Manifolds, Pipelines (Gas, Air, Flammable), Testing and Examination, Flash back and Back Fire Arrestors, Prohibition of Welding and Cutting Operations – Installation of Booths, Isolated Area, Exhaust System, Capture Velocity.
Machine Shop – Types of Guards (IS 9474 – 1980), Safety in the use of Grinding Wheels (IS 1991 – 1987), Wood Working Machines (IS 8964 -1978), Dust Extraction System, Capture Velocity, Maintenance of Dusts, Disposal of Dusts.                       
Hand Tools – Selection, Use and Care of Hand Tools, Inventory (Safety Code 53 – 1992) – Non-Sparking Tools, Safety in Chipping and Smoothening Operations.
Painting – Storage and Handling of Paints, Lower and Upper Explosive Limits, MSDS, Capture Velocity of Painting Booths, Collection and Disposal of Spilled Paints and Containers.
Work in Confined Space – Adoption of Work Permit System.
Storage of Chemicals – Importance of MSDS, Emergency Preparedness,   Inventory Control.
Work Permit – Types of Permits and their Application.
Safety in the Use of Compressed Air, Air Receivers, Use of Substances like Asbestos and Personal Protection.


Hazardous Processes, Examples, Significance of Work Area Monitoring, National and International Permissible Exposure Levels, Recognition of Upper and Lower Explosive Limits, need for Periodic Monitoring, Review of Engineering Controls for Capture Velocity, neutralization Scrubbers, their use, periodic checks, monitoring of effluents and arrangements for hazardous waste disposal – qualitative and quantitative, transportation of wastes, MSDS.
Stack / Environmental Monitoring Parameters, Interpretation of results, recycling of wastes / water and their parameters.
Significance of pre and periodic medical examination (inclusive of Audiometry, Vision and Launch Function), Occupational Disaster under ESIC and the Factories Act, Selection of engineering Controls to prevent exposures, Relocation and Rehabilitation of workers, Exposure to Radiations, Ionising and Non-ionising radiations, Protective Shields, Advantages of First Aid.
(c) Personal Protection
Introduction to Non-respiratory protective equipment, introduction to respiratory protection-nose / face mask, canisters, cartridges, air line respirators and self contained breathing apparatus, Applicable Indian Standards and Interpretation of Test Results.