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Main Academic Building

The main academic complex is a four-storied building covering about 22000 square meters area that accommodates most of the engineering departments, Department of Human Resources Management, Office of the Dean (Academic Affairs) and Office of Controller of Examinations.

main building viewed from parade ground         first lobby of main building

       Main building viewed from Parade Ground                                                           First Lobby of Main Building

Science and Technology Building

The newly constructed eight-storied Science and Technology building with 14400 square metres area accommodates some of the existing engineering departments, science and management departments, and various centres and schools. Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Offices of the Deans, Registrar, and other financial and administrative offices are also located in this building. Annexes to this building are now being constructed to accommodate future departments, schools, centres and offices.

8-storeyed science and technology building            above the main entrance of science and technology building         main building dastur complex and 8-storeyed building from the bidisha lake

8-storeyed Science and Technology Building                  Above the main entrance of                             Main Building (Dastur Complex)
                                                                                       Science and Technology Building                         and 8-storeyed Building,
                                                                                                                                                                      from the Bidisha Lake

Workshop Complex

The old Workshop complex where the former Bengal Engineering College was originally started in this campus is now a heritage building. Part of the workshop is housed in the adjoining building. The workshop complex is quite large, encompassing an area of about 8500 square metres. The Workshop Complex has nine engineering shops to offer trainings in different basic shop practices including Carpentry Shop, Smithy Shop, Welding and Painting Shop, Fitting Shop, Machine Shop, Foundry and Pattern Shop, Boiler Shop, Electric Shop, Automobile Shop and Project Model Shop

the main workshop complex             road to carpenting and foundry shops

                    The main workshop complex                                                             Road to Carpenting and Foundry Shops

Health Services

The Institute has a hospital to cater to the needs of the campus inmates with medical officers and other supporting staff. It provides 24 hours ambulance service. Besides, the hospital has an ID Ward to effectively isolate students suffering from infectious diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, measles etc. Outdoor treatment is available in two shifts: morning and afternoon except Sundays and holidays. Serious cases are generally transferred either to any city hospital or to the Students' Health Home, Kolkata, the institute having Universal Membership for the later. The institute hospital provides 24 hours ambulance service

the hospital building

The hospital building


The Campus has branches of three banks - United Bank of India (UBI), UCO Bank, and State Bank of India (SBI) - along with associated ATM facilities.

Printing Press

The Institute has a modest printing press with necessary staff and machines. The press is utilised to print Institute news bulletins, seminars proceedings and other miscellaneous materials.

Campus Services and Management

  • The Institute is provided with uninterrupted power supply from the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Limited.
  • Water supply is provided by the Howrah Municipal Corporation. In addition, the Institute has its own captive generation plant and also water supply sources.
  • There are three agencies which look after the maintenance of various services in the campus:
  • The Public Works Department (Maintenance) for maintenance of all buildings and roads
  • The Public Works Department (Electrical) to look after the maintenance of electrical services
  • Public Health Engineering Department for maintenance of water supply and sewage disposal


The Institute, with a student population of more than 3200, has 17 hostels including two girls' hostels for UG students and one girls' hostel for PG and Research Scholars.

There are 9 multi-seated hostels for boys:

  • A. C. Roy Hall (Hostel 7)
  • D. Banerjee Hall (Hostel 8)
  • A. K. Seal Hall (Hostel 9)
  • Hostel 10
  • Hostel 11
  • Hostel 13 – exclusively for PG and Research Scholars
  • Hostel 14
  • Hostel 15
  • Hostel 16

multi seated hostel 14           hostel 14 with vidyasagrsetu in the background                                     

                             Multi seated Hostel 14                                                         Hostel 14, with VidyasagrSetu in the background

There are 5 single-seated halls for boys:

  • Richardson Hall
  • Macdonald Hall
  • Sen Hall
  • Sengupta Hall
  • Wolfenden Hall

richardson hall    macdonald hall    sen hall                               

                  Richardson Hall                                                 Macdonald Hall                                                    Sen Hall

sengupta hall    wolfenden hall     a wing of wolfenden hall 

                Sengupta Hal                                                      Wolfenden Hall                                        A wing of Wolfenden Hall

There are 3 girls' hostels (single and multi-seated):

  • Sister Nivedita Ladies Hostel
  • Pandya Hall
  • Lt. William Hall of Residence - for PG and Research Scholars

sister nivedita ladies hostel       lt. william hall for female pg and research scholars

                Sister Nivedita Ladies Hostel                                                   Lt. William Hall (for female PG and research scholars)


Sports Grounds

There are two main sports grounds - named after the famous English stadiums - the Lords, and the Oval. Lords ground is for general purpose games and sports, and also serves as main venue for the Convocation Ceremony and the College Fest - REBECA. The Oval Ground is more well-maintained and is used for Physical Training, Sports Meets, and inter and intra-college Cricket and Football matches.

  lords ground  oval ground    pavilion oval    shed oval

               Lords Ground                            Oval Ground                                  Pavilion, Oval                                 Shed, Oval

Basketball Court

The institute has a basketball court near the Hospital Building, opposite to Oval Ground. Basketball enthusiasts flock here in the evenings for friendly matches.

basketball court          a firendly basketball match 

                                 Basketball Court                                                                                         A Firendly Basketball Match

Alumni Swimming Pool

The Alumni Swimming Pool is a wonderful gift from our alumni assocation, GAABESU, to the residents of the institute. It started operating from April 2013.

swimming pool entrance 1     alumni swimming pool    morning swimming session

          Swimming Pool entrance                                   Alumni Swimming Pool                                    Morning Swimming Session


The centruy old heritage athletic club building houses the gymnasium. GAABESU, our alumni association, recently renovated the building, bought new equipments, and inaugurated the upgraded gymnasium in August 2014.

gymnasium entrance    interior   students in session

              Gymnasium Entrance                                                      Interior                                            Students in session

Students' Amenities Centre

This is a common-room for students, just beside the Lords Ground. It serves multi purpose, and also houses the Drama Club of the institute. It was initiated with generous contribution from an alumnus of 1948 batch.

         students amenitites centre

Students' Amenitites Centre

Slater Hall - Students' Centre for Creative Expressions

Slater Hall houses some of the clubs and societies of the institute, most notably the Music Club, the Debate Club, thr Photography Club and the Innovation Centre.

slater hall from outside                 students centre for creative expressions 1

                          Slater Hall from outside                                                                        Students' Centre for Creative Expressions

Spiritual Development

The Vivekananda Youth Circle (for boys) and Sister Nivedita Study Circle (for girls) help in holistic personality development of the students. A meditation centre for students - PrasantaNeer (BABTECH Meditation Hall) – was designed, funded, and constructed in the year 2013 by an alumnus of 1974 batch.

centre for positive thinking                  meditation centre by the bidisha lake

                       Centre for Positive Thinking                                                                Meditation Centre by the Bidisha Lake


The campus has three large water bodies which add to its beautification. Of these, the Bidisha Lake has a connection to the River Ganges, and hence experiences the rise and fall of water level throught tides.

bidisha lake with the iconic clocktower      another view bidisha lake

                  Bidisha Lake, with the iconic Clocktower                                                Another view Bidisha Lake

connection of bidisha with the ganges      neem lake with slater hall on far bank

                  Connection of Bidisha with the Ganges                                        Neem Lake, with Slater Hall on far bank

    panoramic view of the lake by first gate

                                                      Panoramic View of the Lake by First Gate


Institute Gates

The main gate of the institute (known as First Gate) was a gift from our alumni in the year 1956, when the institute completed a 100 years of its journey. The first gate leads to the main academic buildings, the Halls of Residence, and the Lords Ground. The second gate was reconstructed in the year 2013 to an impressive architectural structure. The new design was done by a student of Architecture Department, and the funding was from alumni of 1983 batch. The second gate leads to the hostels, ladies' hostels, Wolfenden Hall, Oval Grounds and Swimming Pool. A Third Gate is also present which opens to the Botanical Garden adjoining area, and is open for selected times of the day.

first gate also centenary gate     second gate    way to third gate

     First Gate, also Centenary Gate                               Second Gate                                                 Way to Third Gate


This is a building overlooking the Lords Ground, and serves multi-purpose. During festivities like Convocation, College Fests and Conferences, it can serve as reception area, as dining area or as a stage for street-theatres. In other times, it is a centre for UdyanSabpeyechhirAsar - an external body conducting children's programs in physical fitness exercise, games & sports, drawing and painting, and other cultural activities.





The famous Turret Clock of the Clock Tower was installed in the year 1921. This iconic structure has always found its place in the logo of the institute. The clock was donated by Sir Rajendranath Mukherjee, an alumnus of 1883 batch, and chief engineer of the modern Howrah Bridge, and the Victoria Memorial.

the clocktower also serves as a water tank

The clocktower, also serves as a water tank

weather cock atop the tower


         clocktower at night

                         Weather Cock atop the tower                                                                         Clocktower at night

Army Barracks from World War II

These barracks, currently behind Hostel 15 and 16, were constructed to accomodate soldiers during Second World War. Later these were used as hostels from 1946 to 1954. Most of them are now used as staff quarters.


sign shows direction of barracks    a typical shelter  old numbering still exists

 Sign shows direction of Barracks                              A typical shelter                                       Old numbering still exists


Hiding from the public eye is an old lighthouse inside the campus. It is situated near the printing press.




The instute has a graveyard adjacent to Pandya Hall and the Guest House. In here, graves dating back to 1852 and before can be found.

a curiously shaped tombstone   overview of the graveyard     a plaque from 1852

      A curiously shaped tombstone                         Overview of the Graveyard                                A plaque from 1852

Odyssery of B.E. College

This is a Gallery of Historical Events. The journey of our institute from 1856 to present day is carved in thirteen stone tablets. The 200 kg giant bell in the centre is over a century old. In 1820, it was installed in a tower beside the then Bishop's College. It is said that the renowned poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta - who stayed in Bishop's College during that time - used to wake up in the morning hearing the sound of this bell.

the stone tablet gallery        odyssey name plaque

                                The stone tablet gallery                                                                          Odyssey name plaque         

the historic bell

The historic bell