Wed, May 25, 2022

Eligibility for Admission

B.E / B.Tech in any branch of engineering, MBBS, M.Sc in Physiology, Environment Science, Physics, Chemistry etc. (M.Sc candidates should preferably have both Chemistry and Physics as optional papers in the B.Sc levels).
*Industrial sponsored candidates should contact the Director, School of Safety and Occupational Health Engineering, BESUS.

Selection Procedure

A candidate has to apply in prescribed form available from the INFORMATION COUNTER, BESUS, on payment of requisite fees within the prescribed time seeking admission to the course. Selection of candidates will be made on the basis of the results of written test or interview or both, as may be decided by the School.

Payment of Fees

A student is required to pay requisite fees in advance before commencement of the semester. A non-refundable fee of Rs. 15,000/- per semester is payable by demand draft in favour of ‘Registrar, BESUS’. In case of repetition in a semester, course fee has to be paid again.

The examination fee of Rs 500.00 is to be paid before each semester examination.

Course Structure

Each course consists of 12 Theoretical Papers along with Sessional, Term Paper, Thesis etc., including the Seminar and Viva-voce having full marks of 2400 in aggregate. The total duration of the course is distributed in 6 semesters through 3 years.

Examination System

The University will conduct Semester Examination at the end of each semester, normally in the months of December and May at such time and place as decided by the appropriate authority of the University. The date and time for such examination will be duly notified to the students through circulars.

A student will be allowed to sit for examination if he / she prosecutes the prescribed course and attends the minimum number of lecture classes in each subject as required.

A student will be debarred for submitting his / her Thesis until he / she has passed first, second, third, fourth and fifth semester examinations.

A student will not be admitted to the next Section Examination if he / she has backlog of more than three subjects in the previous examinations. However, the student will be awarded credit for those subjects in which he / she has already passed. If a student fails to complete the course in specified period of time, i.e. in 10 semesters, he / she may be allowed by the Academic Council to appear in examination in subsequent semesters. However, the student has to complete the course in maximum number of course in 10 semesters. If a candidate remains absent throughout the semester, one semester will be considered to be elapsed from his / her credit and any claim for refund of fees for such absence will not be entertained.

In order to pass the examination, a candidate must obtain at least 40% of the full marks in each of the Theoretical Papers and at least 50% of the full marks separately in Term Paper, Thesis and each of the Sessional subject including the Viva-voce / Seminar. Successful candidates obtaining two thirds (i.e. 1600 out of 2400) or more marks in aggregate will be placed in “First Class” and the rest in “Second Class”.